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Thrive For Life are highly experienced home modification consultants and occupational therapists who actively support those living with physical needs, to live at home that supports their independence.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a major insurance company, or an individual homeowner, we provide practical, safe and accessible solutions that improve the lives of people living with physical needs. We achieve this by completing a detailed accessibility assessment and complete project management – ensuring clear communication across all parties involved.

We Create Accessible Homes That Support Happier, Independent Living

Your happiness is our #1 priority. Discover how we make your home a practical, modern and safer place that perfectly matches your personal needs and lifestyle.

If you support patients’ transition as they settle back into their homes, learn how we can partner our services to build a practical solution.

Our Products

PATHWAY – 3G Modular Access Ramp

This Modular Access System provides a safe, fast, and efficient solution to your accessibility needs.

FAWSsit Portable Wheelchair Shower

FAWSsit Portable Wheelchair Shower is available in five separate models to best meet your specific needs.


Sure Hand
Ceiling Lift

Transfer from bed, wheelchair, toilet, and or the shower to be as independent as possible.


FlexStep by Liftup

With five different step-models to choose from, the FlexStep by Liftup is an attractive and revolutionary 2-in-1 design that functions as both a staircase and a wheelchair lift.


Home Lift

A compact, discreet and stylish homelift is the perfect alternative to a cumbersome, unattractive stairlift. Install it in the corner of your living room, hallway or kitchen

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A Truly Sustainable Home Is An Accessible One

Our approach is simple. We enable you to keep your independence at home where you feel most comfortable – allowing you to live a full, happy life.

As experienced home modification consultants with extensive medical backgrounds, we ensure you have a customized solution that helps you retain the very best quality of life. Whether you’ve experienced a serious illness, have undergone hospitalization or if you live with pre-existing conditions… we remove all barriers that inhibit an independent life.

Helping You Thrive In Life With State of The Art Home Modifications

At Thrive For Life, we provide packaged accessibility consulting solutions which means we select the right contractors by serving as the liaison between you and that contractor. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed with the choices and recommendations you might face in this situation.

Our turnkey approach provides everything from sourcing the best accessibility equipment to overseeing its installation and maintenance, which means all the pressure is taken off your family. For some, equipment rentals have become a very convenient solution – something we now offer – particularly with ramp rentals and other home modification solutions.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we help create an accessible home that gives you an independent, fulfilling life again.

Why Choose Us As Your Home Modification Specialists?

Your home should be set up in a way that allows you to live completely free and independently – no matter what your physical needs are. However, whether you’ve experienced a catastrophic injury or live with pre-existing physical needs, you and your family will likely have a lot to organize, which can be stressful.

The decisions, the ‘planning & assessment’ of works, and communication involved between contractors and your medical care team are difficult to manage. Sadly, this is the path a lot of families needlessly follow.

At Thrive For Life, we make your home an accessible and safe place to live – we arrange a complete assessment of your home, carefully consider your medical needs and ensure your home modifications allow you to live your best life.

We support you every step of the way – from beginning to end so you don’t have to go it alone.

You Can Rely On 37 Years’ Of
Combined Experience In Home

Our extensive medical background and expertise in home modifications mean that we can fully manage a project for you from start to finish. We understand the practical decisions needed to successfully modify your home along with all requirements from a medical perspective. This means overseeing everything from equipment recommendations and your physical needs to communicating with the right contractor.

This ensures that the home modifications we recommend, install, and maintain are suited to your specific needs so you can live a fully independent life.

We Make Moving From Healthcare To Home, A Comfortable Transition

When you’ve been discharged from healthcare, entering your home can seem daunting because it’s not set up to support you. This can mean a lot of change to organize it so we’re here to make it comfortable yet homely to return to.

We take detailed steps from the initial visit and assessment to creating a plan and collaborating with you on the perfect solution. To us, it’s about making your home as comfortable and practical as possible - so that you can start enjoying an independent life again.

We Bridge Communication Between Industries To Streamline The Process

When modifying a home, there are usually multiple contractors, medical equipment providers, insurance companies, and health care professionals involved - getting them to communicate sometimes presents challenges. We’re the interpreters between the construction world and the medical field and clear this line so that they’re speaking the same language.

Our experience dealing with contractors and the medical field enables us to put your needs first, minimizing unexpected delays and quickly resolving common challenges.

We’re Helping A Growing Population-In-Need And We’ll Do Everything We Can To Maintain Your Freedom

Only around 1 in 4 homes in the United States are equipped to support the needs of those less physically able. In fact, around 2 million people won’t leave their homes because they have significant accessibility obstructions that prevent them from getting out.

So our mission is to ensure people across the country are prepared with suitable home modifications to provide them happier lives. We simply want you to get out into your community and live more independently at home.

Our Expert Home Modification Solutions Create Happier, Sustainable

We understand that when you find yourself entirely dependent on others to perform simple tasks, it can really impact your quality of life. But what if you could get around your home with relative ease and head out to the shops or see neighbors whenever you wish?

At Thrive For Life, we make this our #1 priority. Because we understand that getting you back to what you normally do on a daily basis, will make the world of difference to your quality of life. In our experience, as you become more self-sufficient - and return to doing the normal activities you’re used to doing by yourself - you’ll become far happier!

We Help You Choose Home Modifications That Suit Your Needs And Your Home

Home modifications, like all building work, can be quite disruptive to your living space, and many people worry their transformed home won’t look very nice. Understandably, some clients are worried about the stigma attached to home modifications - especially if you’re much younger.

However, we customize our beautifully-engineered solutions to suit you and your home as we work with you to create something beautiful. In fact, our solutions promise to make your home a practical, safe environment where you’ll be proud to have friends and family visit you again as you get back to enjoying life!

If you’d like to create a safe, independent, and practical living space…

One that’s perfectly suited to you (or your clients)… That enables you to live a normal life you love again…


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