We Make Your Home, An Accessible One

Accessible Modifications So You Can Live An Independent Life

At Thrive for Life, our priority is understanding your personal and medical needs first – especially for those who’ve sustained a catastrophic injury. When we understand what matters most to you, we promise you a solution to enhance the quality of your life…

It’s why we only recommend home modifications that support your need for an independent lifestyle while keeping a modern feel to your home.


We’re Occupational Therapists Who Understand Everything Your Home Needs


As medically trained professionals and home modification experts, you benefit from our combined 37 years’ medical background. We understand that when it comes to modifying your home, most contractors aren’t typically qualified to understand your specific medical needs.

However, we’ve helped more than 500 clients since we founded Thrive For Life in 2011 – part of this involves taking the time to fully understand your personal and medical requirements first. We ensure this is done before any recommendations or construction plans are drawn up.

At the end of the day, we provide a solution that bridges the gap between medical care and construction. We prioritize your family’s needs by removing all the stress, uncertainty and decisions around modifying your home for easier, safer accessibility.

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Our 7-Step Process

Makes The Simple Things In Life A Reality

When you’re free to move around at home and go out when you please, it makes a massive difference to the quality of your life. We believe seeing your friends and family, your neighbors, and visiting your local store whenever you choose, will enrich your life exponentially.

To make all this possible for you, our home modifications are carefully designed
using our comprehensive, 7-step process:

A Complimentary Home Visit To Discuss Your Needs

The most important thing to do before we get started is simply getting to know each other. Here we listen to your needs so that we better understand your goals to improve accessibility in your home…

And it’s not just you we want to get to know, it’s your family too (that’s right, even the dog gets their say). Because with their input, we get a holistic understanding of your needs and modifications your loved ones feel would positively impact your quality of life too. Also, this quickly establishes whether we’ll be a good fit to continue onto the next step.


We Fully Assess Your Personal And Medical Needs

Now that we’re aligned with some possible solutions based on your circumstances, the next step is to perform a comprehensive assessment. This considers both your personal and medical needs so we can establish how these affect your ability to freely access your home safely and complete your daily routines – including getting in and out of your home.

You might have a dedicated caregiver supporting you, and if that’s the case we also assess that person too. This enables us to recommend the right solutions for you both – so they can help you live more independently.

Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of your home, room by room. Here we identify those areas we believe present barriers to your safety, independence, and accessibility. That way we get to see what’s most important so that you have the lifestyle at home you want.

Lastly, we show you accessibility equipment and/or durable medical equipment (DME) needed to help with function, accessibility, and safety. This could be as simple as grab bars or as involved as elevators/lifts.

Let’s Create The Perfect Plan For Your New, Modified Home

After we’ve highlighted your specific needs and
priorities, your assessment may focus on areas such as:

  • Fall prevention and home safety recommendations.
  • Making your home accessible by widening doorways,
    installing ramps or lifts.
  • Remodeling of rooms (bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms)
    to meet your needs.
  • Complete remodeling of your home.
  • Custom homebuilding.

Projects can drastically vary in size, but the goal is to design a solution that perfectly suits your needs. Whether the project in your home is very small, medium or large-scale, these can be completed in the immediate, short or long-term – whichever suits you.

Customized Floor Plans Of Your New Home:

By this stage of planning, we create an existing floor plan design of your home as the foundation to redesign the space. It’s actually really fun seeing your own home like this! It gives both of us a more practical view of how the modifications will fit and function, but also so that you can see “how” it’ll enhance your independence at home.

Once the concept plans have been developed, you’ll see the proposed modifications where you can accept or adjust the solutions we suggest. Once everyone agrees, we complete a set of finished plans with specifications and finishes ready for permit and contractor bid.


We Deal Directly With Contractors So You And Your Family Can Focus On Your Needs

For many families, this can be the tricky part – selecting a qualified contractor to transform your home. That’s why we support you through the entire process of selecting a contractor by serving as your personal liaison between you both. With our medical expertise combined with building the right relationship with a contractor, you’ll have the home you deserve, without the hassle or worry or ‘project management.’

In fact, it’s no wonder families are overwhelmed with all the choices and recommendations to support your needs – it’s a lot to take on. If only it were as simple as choosing your next vacation!

So before the contractor even steps into your home, we provide detailed plan reviews and consultations as a service on your behalf so you can get back to thinking about that next vacation.

We Monitor The Entire Construction Process So That Your Home Provides Barrier-Free Living

You’re never left alone to deal with all the disruption and uncertainty these changes often present families with. It’s why we oversee the construction process from start to finish by making regular site visits to ensure appropriate follow-through of the agreed plan.

In our experience, custom accessibility requires consistent supervision. This means we’ll spot any potential issues early on before they become a problem. The truth is, contractors understand exactly how to install or custom-build your home modification equipment, but occasionally they miss things.

An example might be the critical aspect of incorporating your caregiver’s needs into the design and build process which is based on specific medical needs.


Let’s Show You How The Home Modifications Work, With Your Safety First

This is the exciting, if not apprehensive part of your new home design. Because at this stage we provide a post-occupancy evaluation to ensure that the recommended modifications are sufficient, appropriate, and function properly. The idea is to ensure the new installation(s) appropriately support your new independent living space at home.

We then spend time with you and your caregivers to help you understand the safe use of the modifications and/or equipment once everything is installed. It’s extremely important that you’re 100% comfortable using and understanding your new installation(s).

Above All, We Assure You Every Step Of The Way

Our experience has repeatedly shown us that the service you receive means less stress for you. We’re able to guide you through the whole home modification process, from identifying what is necessary, which contractor to select, and guiding you through the construction process.

We specialize in these areas so that you don’t have to worry and can focus on how you want your new life to feel like.

To discover how your life could benefit from our home modification solutions, contact us today.


Solutions Designed So You Can Enjoy Life Again

Assessing Your Home To Create Your Barrier-Free Life
  • Accessibility solutions
  • Fall mitigation/prevention strategies
  • Fall risk assessments
  • Home safety assessments
  • Equipment recommendations and procurement
  • Accessible home modifications
  • Homes for multigenerational families
Professional Consulting Services We Provide
  • Expedite and assist with discharge planning from hospitals
  • Aging-in-place consulting
Legal Support, Education And Training
  • Expert witness support with legal cases
  • Guest speaker at events highlighting the value of home
  • Education and training to improve our clients’ quality of life
    in their home

Enjoy The Freedom To Do The Things That Matter Most

Each year, we help hundreds of homeowners like you gain independence using home modifications that support your ability to do things that matter. Things like saying hello to your neighbors each day, visiting your local store for groceries, getting to socialize and doing normal, daily tasks around the home…

So let’s find out if we’re the right people to make your home more accessible so that you can live independently and experience the true joy of barrier-free living…

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