Stiltz Home Lift

Enjoy your entire home, with ease…
If you have reached a certain age in life or experienced a significant change in your medical circumstances, part of your home may no longer be fully accessible. A convenient Stiltz Home Lift could be the ideal solution for you.


Stay Safe In The Home You have Always Loved

When there is a fear you or a loved one may experience a fall, become breathless or be in pain when climbing the stairs, a safer solution should be in place. This is not only for your own safety and peace of mind but for loved ones who surround you.

No one wants the hassle or heartache of being forced to move  from their home because you cannot access areas you once could. Living in a single-story home simply is not a viable option for many people. Why move from the same home that you have renovated or lived in for years if you do not need to?

We understand homes are more than bricks – they tell your life story, they helped form those forever memories with your loved ones. Perhaps it is time to explore a solution that keeps everything just how you like it.

Modern Solutions With A Functional Design

Struggling to get up and down the stairs is often associated with a stair glide installation. A stair glide installation is not often the most attractive addition to your home. That is why an increasing number of people explore the option of a simple, attractive, and easy-to-install lift, right in their own home.

The Stiltz Home lift is a simple, easy way to move between floors in your house. This means no more struggling to use the stairs or abandoning an entire story of your home.


Improve Recovery From Hospital

When you are discharged, one of the biggest worries is how well your home is set up with all the necessary modifications to make life a comfortable and easy transition. Part of our service includes a full assessment of your home to ensure you have the right support to live an independent life from home, free from restrictions.

Faster recovery from an illness or injury can often be quicker and certainly more comfortable when you are in the comfort of home with support. The Stiltz Home lift can be the ideal way to return home safely from the hospital to recover fully. For many, Stiltz provides the perfect solution during a particularly worrying period for family and caregivers.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

These lifts enable countless people like you to live an independent life at home. The peace of mind one of these provides extends beyond fall prevention.


Other Major Benefits

A Stiltz installation will leave your friends and neighbors impressed with the neatness, compact design and quality finish of this home finish.


More Uses Than You Could Possibly Imagine

First, the Stiltz Home Lift is designed to get both you and house guests up and down between the floors in your home. But what about other practical uses too?

Like moving suitcases, chairs, or laundry? Hey, even your little pup can keep you company on the short journey, too!

Also should you experience a power outage in your home, the lift will always safely return you to the ground floor; no power is required.

Future-Proof Your ‘Home For Life’

 If you are worried about either a fall down your stairs or having to move homes. The peace of mind you will receive from installing a Stiltz can be enough to make the decision that much easier.

Lastly, if you ever come to sell your home in future years, it can open the sale to a wider age-range of prospective purchasers. 


Flexible Financing For Greater Independence

We have teamed up with LightStream, a division of SunTrust Bank, to offer low-interest financing to people with good credit. LightStream has an easy online application process and provides a quick response during business hours. This is a confidential process between you and LightStream.


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