FlexStep by Liftup

With five different step-models to choose from, the FlexStep by Liftup is an attractive and revolutionary 2-in-1 design that functions as both a staircase and a wheelchair lift. This allows convenience for both users to easily move between different surface levels without the expense and extra space needed to install both stairs and a separate lift.

The main concept that distinguishes the innovative FlexStep design from other similar home modifications, is the varied configuration and installation options. This means it’s far easier to integrate this into your home’s existing surroundings, while conveniently saving space! If you’re tight on space or simply don’t want the larger home modification of stairs and lifts, this is ideal.


A Practical, Space-Saving Solution

Just because you need a wheelchair lift in your home to live more independently, there’s no need to waste space (or financial expense) unnecessarily. For many people, the possibility of having both stairs AND a lift is not an option, and understandably so. Why give up valuable living space – or even have to move home – when you don’t need to?

If you have room for a small set of stairs, then you also have the necessary space required to have a FlexStep installed. Because of its interchangeable design, you can quickly and simply change between regular stairs and a safe, flat lift in just moments. How’s this done? Via a simple touch of a button – that’s it.

Attractive Design For Better Accessibility

With such an installation in your home, you might worry about how it’ll look… However, you have the option to choose a design that complements your home so that it becomes an attractive, integrated part of it.

And because the FlexStep comes in a range of five different models – depending on the steps you require – it means there’s a high chance this will fit nicely into your home. You can now experience the freedom to move around your home while you avoid expensive works being done.


Safety And Confidence, Combined

With a new device installed, the first thing you’ll want to know is how safe the FlexStep is. Well, the FlexStep has been designed with several in-built safety features that ensure a risk-free solution for ALL users. For instance, the four intelligent, synchronized motors are located at each corner, which provides you smooth and safe movement between surface levels in your home.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll feel completely confident this is a safe solution to give you accessibility and freedom to enjoy living in your home.

FlexStep by Liftup in Action

Flexstep Features

If you’d like to create a safe, independent, and practical living space…

One that’s perfectly suited to you (or your clients)…That enables you to live a normal life you love again…

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