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With five different step-models to choose from, the FlexStep by Liftup is an attractive and revolutionary 2-in-1 design that functions as both a staircase and a wheelchair lift. This allows convenience for both users to easily move between different surface levels without the expense and extra space needed to install both stairs and a separate lift.

The main concept that distinguishes the innovative FlexStep design from other similar home modifications, is the varied configuration and installation options. This means it’s far easier to integrate this into your home’s existing surroundings, while conveniently saving space! If you’re tight on space or simply don’t want the larger home modification of stairs and lifts, this is ideal.

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I really appreciate Thrive for Life and their assistance when I recently became disabled. There were some issues with the installation but Thrive for Life stayed on top of the situation and those issues were successfully resolved.

-Nora Williams


A Practical, Space-Saving Solution

Just because you need a wheelchair lift in your home to live more independently, there’s no need to waste space (or financial expense) unnecessarily. For many people, the possibility of having both stairs AND a lift is not an option, and understandably so. Why give up valuable living space – or even have to move home – when you don’t need to?

If you have room for a small set of stairs, then you also have the necessary space required to have a FlexStep installed. Because of its interchangeable design, you can quickly and simply change between regular stairs and a safe, flat lift in just moments. How’s this done? Via a simple touch of a button – that’s it.

Attractive Design For Better Accessibility

With such an installation in your home, you might worry about how it’ll look… However, you have the option to choose a design that complements your home so that it becomes an attractive, integrated part of it.

And because the FlexStep comes in a range of five different models – depending on the steps you require – it means there’s a high chance this will fit nicely into your home. You can now experience the freedom to move around your home while you avoid expensive works being done.


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Safety And Confidence, Combined

With a new device installed, the first thing you’ll want to know is how safe the FlexStep is. Well, the FlexStep has been designed with several in-built safety features that ensure a risk-free solution for ALL users. For instance, the four intelligent, synchronized motors are located at each corner, which provides you smooth and safe movement between surface levels in your home.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll feel completely confident this is a safe solution to give you accessibility and freedom to enjoy living in your home.

Flexstep Features

If you’d like to create a safe, independent, and practical living space…

One that’s perfectly suited to you (or your clients)…That enables you to live a normal life you love again…


Damian loaned us a Garaventa Stair Trac to try out, and also brought over another wheelchair dolly to try as an alternative to installing a stair lift. There’s no substitute for actually trying something instead of watching a video online and my sister and I were able to make an informed choice about how to help Dad get in and out of the house safely. Damian is a gem, and Thrive for Life is a fantastic resource for helping elders stay at home safely for as long as possible. Thank you, Damian!

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– ltaketa

Damian came promptly to consult with me during a most stressful time when my spouse was in the hospital and I needed to make bathroom modifications to make it accessible. Damian gave me invaluable information and advice on how to best achieve this. He is very professional and most importantly, compassionate and sensitive to my needs. He was also patient and responsive to my questions and concerns.

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– C. T.

Ms. Cath recommended a bath trolley for my brother who has cerebral palsy. He cannot stand/sit on his own and used to take a bath at the bathroom floor. It is super helpful not only to my brother but also for his workers who carry him everyday going to the bathroom.

Ms. Cath is really amazing providing ideas and equipments that can work well for my brother. Thank you so much Ms. Cath

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– Frances Mae Dolojo

Damian and his company Thrive for Life were amazing to work with. From start to finish, Damian and his whole team were extremely responsive, prompt and attentive towards our needs. What’s great about Damian is that he communicates well with us ( the client ) and bridges the gap between the home owner , architect and contractor. Damian collaborated well with our architect and contractor to bring our vision to reality. Of all the other home lift providers in town, Damian was the most courteous, respectful of our time and responsive. Not only that, it was the best priced home lift in Hawaii!

From ordering to installation, Damian helped with the shipping, delivery and installed the lift promptly. Him and his crew did the installation quick and efficiently, and did not leave a mess which left our contractor happy! Most subs leave a mess of the job site, but not Damian and Thrive for life!

Even after installation, we had a minor issue with our lift due to someone untrained using it. Damian was extremely quick to respond and guide us through shutting it down properly to ensure there was no damage to the lift. He was great from the beginning ( before payment ) , and even better after installation ( post payment).

Damian and Thrive for life are of the highest caliber professionals that are a dream to work with. I would highly recommend Thrive for life for all of your accessibility needs!

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– Olivia K

At first look, it appeared a ramp would not be possible. The two hour job turned into a 7 hour job. It turned out AMAZING!!. Fit like a glove! We feel so lucky and fortunate to have this durable, weatherproof ramp that will last for years to come!! Outstanding professionalism throughout the job. I can not praise this company enough!!

– Daintry Bartoldus

I really appreciate Thrive for Life and their assistance when I recently became disabled. There were some issues with the installation but Thrive for Life stayed on top of the situation and those issues were successfully resolved.

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– Nora Williams

We worked with Cat to design an accessible bathroom for an elder. Cat is extremely helpful at conceptualizing not only how accessibility needs to meet the current moment but also what to think about for the future in the likely case of a decline in a person’s physical mobility. She is very thoughtful in how she communicates with clients and she meets people where they are at – especially because it is an emotional process in terms of accepting one’s own physical limitations and the need for change in the home environment to support that. She thinks of everything including the angle of the mirror on the wall, the type of tile to use on the floor, the specific location of grab bars, and every other minute detail that would otherwise be lost in our design. She has provided valuable input for our project. I only wish there were more companies like this around because this is such a great need right now for differently abled folks and elders in our communities.

– Shoba Monteserin Narayana

I really appreciate Thrive for Life and their assistance when I recently became disabled. There were some issues with the installation but Thrive for Life stayed on top of the situation and those issues were successfully resolved.

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– Nora Williams

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