State of the Art in Mobility

We offer an extensive range of products for in-home mobility needs. We are design and quality leaders in shower chairs, shower wheelchairs and commode chairs. From our basic stationary chairs to our fully-featured slider systems, we deliver the highest quality and most innovative designs. We provide products to people with high-level disabilities and to those needing just a little extra support.


Nuprodx Tub Slider System


Sliding Accessibility For a Smooth Easy Transfer In to and Out of your Tab Shower

Explore the Safe And Convenient Way Into The Tub

The two-piece tub slider system can smoothly transport you from your bedside to the bathroom on the wheelchair while the interlocking stand that sits firmly in your tub allows easy transfer via a removable, connector bridge platform.

One of the main obstacles to enjoying a warm, comforting bath or shower is the tub wall itself – however, this slider system eliminates that barrier altogether.

Once in, the shower curtain can be pulled across for complete privacy.


Traveling Or Staying Away? Leave Your Concerns Behind

If you are going to travel, the bathroom scenario is often the biggest challenge. The Nuprodx Tub Slider System gives you peace of mind because it can come with you. The entire system conveniently fits into nothing more than a large suitcase.

Due to its portability, you will not have to worry about the unwanted stress and upheaval of moving out or asking your landlord to modify your shower top shower.

Nuprodx Tub Step-In Shower


Ultimate Convenience - From Bedside To Shower

Getting a shower first thing upon waking is refreshing and sets you up for the day. This is why the Step-In Shower system from Nuprodx was developed.

Simple bedside transfer means that you can get from the comfort of your bed and into your step-in shower has never been made so simple. Step-in showers feel like a luxury, so why not enjoy yours without the usual accessibility challenges each day?

Simple Showering, Without The Upgrade Costs

The shower slider chairs enter backward into your shower, which maintains a slim profile and further adds to its minimal design.

Not only this, most step-in showers have pan lips which can present an obvious issue for you – with the slide-in system, this challenge is completely removed. And since you won’t need any modifications, you’ll retain your independence without spending money on construction work.


Patented Technology That Transforms Your Independence

Similar to the Tub Slider System from Nuprodx, the step-in shower connector bridge is a simple but clever solution to transfer you safely and easily in and out of your shower. What’s more, the swivel and lock technology allows for complete versatility in the shower meaning you can adjust it just how you like.

Due to its portability, you won’t have to worry about the unwanted stress and upheaval of moving out or asking your landlord to modify your shower facilities.

The 4000 Series Barrier-Free Shower


Convenient Bathroom Use For The Independent User

If you’re used to getting on with your daily tasks with very little assistance, the 4000 series supports the convenience of moving right from your bedside to toilet use and showering.

Simply maneuver yourself from your bed, or chair to your wheelchair in one lateral transfer. The chairs come in different models and specs according to your individual needs – including younger users.

Durable Design For Bathing And Taking Showers

It’s a common concern to think about how your wheelchair will withstand continual water exposure – especially if you’re using it directly in your shower.

The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy gives you the confidence these are definitely built to last.


Accessible Bathroom Use For Every Wheelchair User

Whether you rely on assistance to get on with your everyday tasks or are used to daily independence, the 4000 series models from Nuprodx come in a range of options to make your home barrier-free. The Caster-wheel models are designed to enter your shower with assistance, while independent users can take advantage of larger-wheel models that allow you to self-propel with comfort and ease.

To discover which wheelchair could help improve your independence and accessibility at home, get in touch today.

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