Home Modifications That Transform Lives

Imagine living independently in your own home once again… Home modifications that give you freedom and independence… See how others now thrive at home, independently…


Comfortable, accessible mobility in your home.

Home Ceiling Lifts For Convenience And Practicality

The ceiling lifts we install are designed so that you retain your independence at home with easy, remote control mobility. Caregivers can easily unhook and change tracks for different areas of your home, too.

This particular Surehands ceiling track system was installed so that someone with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)/Lou Gehrig’s disease could maintain their independence as long as possible. This meant getting to and from the bathroom was no longer a struggle and could be done unassisted which made the client feel independent and in control. The result of becoming more independent means the patient’s wife was able to return to work knowing her husband was safe and did not need the level of care he’d needed up until this point.

Practical Ramps for Enhanced Wheelchair Accessibility

For staircase accessibility, wheelchair ramps are a necessity to overcome mobility restrictions that prevent you from leaving your home. Our ramp solutions are designed to improve your lifestyle with designs that suit your home that provides maximum independence.

For this case study, in particular, the client was extremely limited since the only way they could leave their home was by a gurney. This wheelchair-accessible ramp was designed and installed so that the client now has safe access in and out of their home, giving them the enjoyment to sit on the lanai and wave to their neighbors.


Wheelchair ramps for accessibility.

Robust and lightweight for all conditions.

Strong Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps That Last

One of the benefits of Aluminum is that it’s often less expensive than concrete and is stronger than wood in wet locations where the wood might deteriorate and weaken. The associated financial costs and inconvenience of replacing a ramp, for this reason, would be hugely impractical.

This ramp was installed due to being in a wet location, this meant durability became a huge benefit for the user. This client now enjoys the freedom to leave their own home for visits to friends and doctors appointments.

Spacious, Practical And Modern Shower Solutions

Many people with physical disabilities face the daily challenge of something as simple as showering. But with the installation of a roll-in shower, we make life for both users and caregivers much easier. You can really notice the brightness entering both ‘after’ projects!

The first project focuses on the solution tailored to the needs of a caregiver for their client with cerebral palsy.

The difference is stark, allowing for easier navigation and accessibility in and out of the bathroom. The next transformation was to improve shower and toilet access with a shower commode chair on wheels.


Bathrooms cleverly designed for easy access.

Practical designs that simply make using your bathroom easier.

Accessible Bathrooms For Wheelchair Users

We understand that using your bathroom can present huge obstacles for many wheelchair users because it’s simply not set up for your needs. Our detailed solutions give you the perfect mix of spacious practicality and modern design.

Our wide, accessible bathroom solutions are designed to make maximum use of the space while remaining extremely functional. We understand the important aspects of design like reinforced countertops for leaning on, extra wide shower spaces allowing freedom to move, and wet rooms for maximum space and ease.

Our Home Modifications Allow You To Live A Barrier-Free, Independent Life At Home

Discover today how Thrive For Life could transform your home to support an independent way for you to enjoy life once again!

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