Wheelchair-to-Water™ Pool Lift

Mobile Pool Lift with the assistance of a caregiver

The SureHands® Pool Lift is perfect for use in the pool at school. It is easy to engage and disengage from the floor socket and can be rolled away when not in use.



The SureHands® Wheelchair-to-Water™ pool lift is compact, ergonomically designed and easily transportable on its four wheels

Quick to set up

Roll the motorized Wheelchair-to-Water™ pool lift to one of the sockets at the edge of the swimming pool. Center over the socket and press the button to engage and raise the arm to the desired height. Attach the desired SureHands® accessory and lift the user.

Safe in and around the water

The Wheelchair-to-Water™ pool lift is made of sturdy stainless steel, operates on batteries and has a waterproof hand control for safe use around water.

Great mobility

Because it is easy to engage and disengage from the socket and easy to roll away when not in use. The lift never needs to block the perimeter of the pool when not in use.

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