Raizer to Liftup

Sadly, the risk of falling increases with age, and if you’re unable to get back on your feet again, the Raizer is a safe and reliable solution. Not only does the chair feel stable for both you and your care assistant, but it provides a smooth and dignified way to help you return to your feet.

By using a simple battery-operated chair, the Raizer helps to slowly lift you from the floor to a near-standing position within just a few minutes. Easy to assemble and controlled via a simple remote, an assistant can easily help without any physical effort.

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Safer, Efficient Care With Minimal Effort

Raizer’s design carefully considers the needs of both the user and the assistant. In fact, any assistant or caregiver can assemble the chair in just a couple of minutes without help. The battery-powered motor and ergonomic design mean anyone can be lifted from a lying position to almost standing without presenting a safety risk to the helper or user. One of the key benefits of the Raizer chair for the person helping you is that they avoid the risk of an arm, back, or leg strain.

Improving The Quality Of Care You Receive

Many caregiving staff experience unfortunate injuries when providing help to their patients. More often than not, this happens when manually lifting or transferring those in need of help which in turn, presents a risk to the carer and patient. However, the Raizer is specifically designed so that assistant workers can move you easily and safely – particularly from a seated to a near-standing position.

Portable And With You At All Times

The major benefit of the chair is that you have the convenience of a far safer and portable solution readily available at any time, any place. The minimally-designed Raizer chair was specifically developed to be stowed away conveniently in a bag and assembled within just a few minutes. This means should you experience a fall, you’ll have the reassurance this innovative, remote-controlled aid is always with you.

Rizer® Chair Features

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