Portable Wheelchair Stairclimbers

Give yourself or your loved one the peace of mind and freedom of mobility they deserve. Not every stairclimber is built the same, and choosing the right one is about determining your needs from both a medical and mobility perspective.

We have the medical background and training to find the right stairclimber for your needs–whether that’s something that’s ADA compliant or not.

The Domino People and Domino People Slim stairclimbers transport both hand-operated and electronic wheelchairs upstairs and are easy to use for those who are being assisted by a caretaker. Both are equipped with crawler tracks with independent motors for rotating 360 degrees and both have automatic tilt technology.

Read on for the differences.


Domino People

The Domino People stairclimber carries both motorized and hand-operated wheelchairs up to an 880 pound (400 kg) capacity. It has a flexible base that makes it good for indoor and outdoor use as well as on uneven surfaces. Caretakers guide the climber with a joystick, making it easy and safe to use and its larger wheels make outdoor use a cinch.

Domino People Slim

The Domino People Slim stairclimber is a safe and portable tool to assist wheelchair-bound people in climbing stairs, with the assistance of a caretaker. Its smaller size allows for maneuvering in narrow stairways and up irregular steps up to a 35-degree incline. This smaller, narrower design can carry loads of up to 350 pounds (160 kg).

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