Experience Greater Independence

These portable showers have been designed specifically for wheelchair users and those with limited physical abilities. The FAWSsit™ shower has been developed to replace the need for complete bathroom remodeling. This avoids expensive construction and disruption in your home.

The ability to shower from your wheelchair means you will retain independence at home, which significantly improves the quality of your daily life.

One of the standout benefits of the FAWSsit™ is its portability and ready-assembled setup. You will have the convenience of not having to assemble the shower (which means no tools!) while simultaneously having the advantage of easy foldaway storage.

Five Sizes, One Convenient Solution For Accessible Showering

The shower comes in 5 separate models – each one to fit the specific needs of the user. The differences between the five models are the sizes, where larger sized showers accommodate recliner and bariatric wheelchairs. There is also a shower for tall individuals, too.

FAWSsit™ showers are specifically designed if you are someone with disability who finds traditional showers are either difficult or impossible to access. All you need is access to a sink (typically within 10-12 ft) and an electric outlet to run the attached pump to hygienically remove water waste.


Safe, Hygienic, Portable Showering

These showers are also IDEAL as travel showers too, thanks to their portability! Aside from the significant cost savings of not modifying your bathroom, you could also experience several health benefits including:  healthier skin and decreased risk of infection. 

To find out more about the enhanced accessibility and safety of using a FAWSsit™ portable wheelchair shower at home - without the needless hassle of bathroom renovations, contact us today.